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Criminal Offenses

Our criminal justice system can be intimidating and can cause great stress and angst to anyone who is charged with a crime.  In fact, the rate of incarceration is getting higher every year with the prison terms in some cases being longer. In New Jersey, mandated minimum sentences (stips) are also mandated for some crimes, such as certain weapon offenses under the Graves Act and certain drug offenses, even for people who have no prior criminal history.  New Jersey also has NERA (No Early Release Act) for certain violent crimes, which requires a convicted person to serve at least 85% of the sentence they receive. Consequently, it is important to hire an experienced criminal lawyer to navigate the process from the initial investigation through the jury verdict and thereafter if necessary.

Trial Alternatives

There are many ways to resolve criminal cases without going through the normal course of indictment to trial, including diversionary programs, such as PTI (Pre-Trial Intervention), which if successful would result in the felony criminal charge(s) being dismissed, or Conditional Discharge, which deals with misdemeanor or disorderly person's drug offenses, which also results in the charges ultimately being dismissed upon successful completion of the program.

There is also a program which can provide relief for people who are incarcerated in State Prison.  This program is known as ISP (Intensive Supervisory Program.) ISP, when granted, allows for the release of a prisoner from State Prison. There are however very strict requirements so to comply with ISP. 

If you have a criminal matter or issue, no matter how small or how large you may think it is, and no matter what stage of the proceeding from initial investigation to post conviction, please call our office for a free consultation.

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